Thursday, February 19, 2015

Microsoft Dynamics Business Analyzer

Not all BI tools are for every user.  Each have their own purpose and each have their own strengths.

I have found Microsoft Dynamics Business Analyzer a tool that I cannot live without.  With a quick review of 5-6 key metrics I can bring myself up to speed on the key levers I use to run the business.

For me cash is king.  So a metric of cash on hand and aging receivables is a graph I use daily.  Without complicated reports or loads of detail I can get that executive view to keep me on task for other important issues in my day.

I once heard a Microsoft executive explain it this way.  “On the drive into the office I looked at 5 key measures to help me get to the office.”  Of course I was thinking “How reckless looking at reports on the commute to work.”  She continued and said “I checked the gas level, the speed, the overall performance of the engine and the temperature of the cab.”

So BI is not about reports.  It is about getting the information in a format and at the level of detail that is not too much but also enough to make decisions.  Whether you are looking at financial, sales, quality or scheduling data you can make a significant change to the way you make daily decisions with the right tool.  For me it is BusinessAnalyzer.

Microsoft Dynamics Business Analyzer is a free download on all the major platforms (Windows, IOS and Android).  Check out the appropriate store and take a look.  It comes with sample data so you can see what I am talking about prior to hooking it up to Microsoft Dynamics and Vicinity.

When you do choose to utilize this tool you already own everything you need.  Microsoft Dynamics ships with the connector to access the data and the graphs are created in SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS).  So there is only a bit of configuration and you are off and running.

For what it is worth – I don’t think I would have as much insight to the running of Vicinity without Business Analyzer. It gives me what I need when I need it and nothing more.

Take a look at a walk through of Business Analyzer and download your own copy and see for yourself.

Check out this short video on Business Analyzer

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